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Danielle and Karima from Kadani Health Science Blog join the podcast today to talk about how they started getting into science, why they started their...View Details

That’s Cool: Scientists unveil largest 3D map of the universe ever Watch Engineers Take Their 60-Foot-Tall Gundam for a Walk Trump moves to limit gree...View Details

That’s Cool: Dogs may use Earth’s magnetic field to take shortcuts Mars Mission From United Arab Emirates Embarks on 7-Month Journey Solar+battery in ...View Details

That’s Cool: New research of oldest light confirms age of the universe Wireless Tiny Cameras Can Be Mounted On Insects Microsoft to launch xCloud stre...View Details

That’s Cool Nissan Pioneer Touts Resin Battery That's 90% Cheaper to Make The human skin replacement that got experts buzzing This self-driving startu...View Details

That’s Cool: Japanese Convenience Stores Test Robot Shelf-Stackers US Secret Service creates new Cyber Fraud Task Force Scientists Engineer Air Filter...View Details

That’s Cool: Walmart is converting its parking lots into pop-up drive-in theaters for the summer There's Now an Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough...View Details

That’s Cool: Facebook’s newest proof-of-concept VR headset looks like a pair of sunglasses A high-tech glove can translate sign language with 99-perce...View Details

June 28th - July 1st  That’s Cool Honeywell claims it has built the most powerful quantum computer ever Amazon Prime Video introduces 'Watch Party,' a...View Details

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