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Recorded on September 27, 2020 That’s Cool:  Air Force New Fighter Jet: Secret 6th Generation Fighter Details (1:39) Pandemic accelerated cord cutting...View Details

Recorded on Sept 20th 2020 That’s Cool: Life on Venus? Breakthrough Initiatives funds study of possible biosignature detection Boston Dynamics CEO tal...View Details

Recorded Sept. 13th 2020 That’s Cool: First 'plug and play' brain prosthesis demoed in paralyzed person Researchers develop molecule to store solar en...View Details

This episode I sit down with one of the engineers behind the development of Osprey a "A mmWave Approach to Tire Wear Sensing", Akarsh Prabhakara. He i...View Details

That’s Cool: Elon Musk: SpaceX starting on 'Super Heavy' booster for Starship rocket bound for Mars Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone deliv...View Details

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