This episode I sit down with one of the engineers behind the development of Osprey a "A mmWave Approach to Tire Wear Sensing", Akarsh Prabhakara. He is a Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests broadly lie in wireless systems. 

What is Osprey?

Here is a brief description from Akarsh's website (linked below), "Tire wear affects safety and performance of automobiles. Past solutions are either inaccurate, requires sensors embedded in tires or are prone to road debris. Osprey proposes a sensor system design based on automotive mmWave radars and designs algorithms to measure tire wear while overcoming challenges related to road debris. In addition, the principles used also open up solutions for detecting and localizing harmful metallic foreign objects in the tire."

What can you expect from the Interview?

Sit back and learn from Akarsh. He is filled with knowledge about mmWave sensing and I felt like I was taking a master class in it. He will provide you with the design & practical reasons why he & his team went with mmWave Sensing. Additionally, what is next in the mmWave sensing field. Finally, we touch on a more personal note, as to what he likes to do in his free time when he is not researching and developing. It was a great interview and I'm sure everyone will get value out of this episode. 

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