Hey cool listeners! We are back with another interview, and this time I am joined by Niba from Notes By Niba. She is building a brand (YouTube & Instagram) that centers around creating & sharing notes related to plant science in cosmetics and skincare. 


We talk about her background, and what led her down the road of Science Communications. What exactly is Science Communications? Niba answers that with the basic understanding that it is at its core good storytelling. This leads her into discussing her start with Instagram and YouTube video, which transitions to an insightful message about creating things that give you energy and not follow what other people are doing just because it seems like the thing to do. 


We get into what led her to Plant Biology, why she loves it and did she always have this love towards plants or did it grow with time. Niba dropped plenty of plant knowledge on me that blew my mind. You'll have to listen to the episode to find out what that was. 


I enjoyed this conversation, and there is so much more that we get into The important role of mentors, new perspectives in science, genetic engineering just to name a few. I think you will enjoy this episode!

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