Hey cool listeners! We are back with another interview, and this time I am joined by Stephanie Ryan, the author of Let’s Learn about Chemistry. This book "makes it easy to introduce children to the basic fundamentals that form the foundation of chemistry — no science degree required. If you’ve ever wanted to start young readers off on a lifelong love of STEM, Let’s Learn About Chemistry is a great first step."


Stephanie and I discuss a variety of things in this episode of the podcast. First, what does writing a children's book even entail? I learned that there is something called a developmental editor who is crucial to this process. Stephaine will explain in this episode what the role is for this specific editor.


Second, how important it is for parents to be involved in their child's learning process and how her book may get not just get the kid interested in science. We discuss how science class is taught as a subject that just lists off facts but never talks about the process of figuring out the "how" and "why". Stephanie thinks that that way of teaching science is changing, and more kids are learning the importance behind what they are learning. 


Finally, we discuss what Stephanie does on a day to day basis as an education consultant. She explains the critical thinking required to develop "phenomenons" that teachers/schools can utilize to better teach their students about science. 


Find out more about Stephanie and her book from her website: www.letslearnaboutscience.com/

Interested in purchasing Let's Learn About Chemistry:

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Amazon (FYI, This link is Stephanie's Amazon affiliate link)



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