Recorded on Nov. 20, 2020

Cool STEM News:

Terraform Mars: Elon Musk says a Mars city of 'glass domes' comes first | Inverse (02:04)

Apple's move to M1 chips will save $2.5B this year – IBM exec | 9to5 mac (09:29)

The Mass Extinction That Ended The Triassic May Have Happened Later Than We Thought | Science Alert (13:28)

The Plan to Turn Scrapped Rockets Into Space Stations | Wired (17:05)

Meet the BL6, Bud Light’s Game Console | PCMag (22:11)

Not Cool News:

AI is wrestling with a replication crisis | MIT Tech Review (26:03)

Cool Product:

Electrical engineer creates GPS-powered smart sunglasses | MobileSyrup (32:37)


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