I am joined by Ethan Hansen, the creator of the podcast Quantum Computing Now, where he talks about the basics, the news, and shares interviews with quantum computing professionals. This was a great interview and I learned so much about Quantum Computing.


How his Interest in Quantum Computing Started and Why He Started the Podcast Quantum Computing now (01:23)

His Background (05:21)

How does a high school kid get into Quantum Computing!? (09:04)

Went from wanting to be an Engineer to wanting to be a Programmer of sorts, Why? (11:01)

Basic Understanding of Quantum Computing (14:25)

What a Quantum Computer is (19:51)

Explaining Grover’s algorithm (24:42)

Why Quantum Computers? What’s the hype about? (28:55)

Future of Quantum Computers (34:07)

What would people even use a “Home” Quantum Computer for? (36:06)

How does Quantum Computers benefit Programmers? (39:04) 

Machine Learning and Quantum Computing (41:11)

Does Moore’s Law Relate to the Quantum Computing realm? (46:03)

Where to learn more about Quantum Computing and where you can find his podcast. (51:26)

What makes you optimistic about our future? (52:18)


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